I’ll Always Remember Freddie

learning to read

I spent three years tutoring elementary students in reading.  What an amazing experience.  My first student was a young boy named Freddie.  Week after week, he struggled to read, trailing his classmates.  We worked intensively together.  I let him read, then took a turn reading myself so that he could hear the words in a conversational tone. 

One day he “got it.”  He suddenly started reading with flow and rhythm.  It was a delight to see the stars in his eyes.

We became quite close as we worked for 2 years together.

Hug the Planet…and Bring Your Own

leftovers from restaurant meal

What’s this? Leftovers from our restaurant meal. Which we always seem to have since we don’t eat as much as the huge portions that we are served. So we almost always get a second meal…which is good.

But taking home a styrofoam container from the restaurant? Not so good.

It means that the restaurant has to supply the containers which are difficult to find right now. And it means that we have to throw it away in our garbage. What a waste!

So we have decided to bring our own glass storage containers into the restaurant so that we can pack our own leftovers and save the hassle. Easy, peasy.

We just keep a shopping bag with extra glass containers with lids in the car so that we’re always prepared. A simple thing to do…and a hug for the planet.

Beauty Can Be ANYwhere

copper garbage can in field of daisies

Those of us, like you and me, who appreciate art and music and beauty, open our eyes to a different reality.  We can look at a garbage can in an alley with daisies growing beside it and see beauty.  We can read a common newspaper or commercial ad and see truth.  We can look into the eyes of a stranger and see a friend.

What Book Do You Want to Read?

Alicia Ortego, a celebrated author of children’s books on tolerance, honesty and manners, offers a tool for your child to choose what type of book to read. That gives the young reader the chance to make the choice themselves…and change it as their interests and skills grow.

We want to give kids every opportunity to develop the habit of reading. Giving them the choice of what to read will encourage that life-long love of reading.

To find out What Is Your Next Superpower Book, check out this link:

Which one should we read first?
Alicia Ortego✍️
So glad to meet you, my friend!

Vacation in the Panhandle

You bet I’m big enough to sit on this chair!

Recently took a 9-week vacation to Miramar Beach, Florida.

For once, put my feet up and didn’t work like crazy every day.

Took hikes, walked on the beach, ate out, met wonderful new people.

Carved out time to read.

Enjoyed buying presents for folks “back home.”

Ran out to see the view from our balcony every morning.

Oh my.

Had so much fun that we’re returning a month early next year…

Ahhh…where’s my hot chocolate, garcon?

What Caused Me to Blacklist Someone

I did something yesterday that I’ve never done before. 

I blacklisted someone from one of my social/business accounts.

Cut the cord.

I’ve never felt the need to do that.

Assumed that I never would.

So why did I do that?

Because this person pretended to be a friend.

I was happy to extend my friendship in both a personal and professional way.

Shared all kinds of information and resources.

Spent countless hours giving tips to improve her writing.

And an incredible amount of time editing a book for her,

correcting her repetitive mistakes

and improving verbs and expression.

But, once my work was done,

I was treated like a throwaway hankie.

Not treated with respect.

Sliced with a lie.

Never even thanked.

Now when her promotional materials clutter my inbox,

they cause a pang.

An “I don’t want to see this.”

I’m done.

Bitty Frog on the Window

This little frog keeps appearing on my bedroom window.  He appears when I turn on the bedside lamp to get ready for bed.  That attracts moths to the window in the dark…and Mr. Frog is right there, ready to feast.


It’s fun to have nature’s little creatures showing up to say “Good night.”

Taking Care of Each Other

What I do when I see someone who is disabled and potentially needs help is to stand back–out of their space–and ASK if they would like assistance.

This happened to me in a drugstore in Florida about a year ago. An elderly lady dropped her credit card on the floor. She obviously would not be able to pick it up. Her husband was totally exasperated with her and shouted “I can’t take it any more!” before he stomped off.

She was sitting in her wheelchair and crying.

I was behind her in line and I calmly asked her if she would like my help. She nodded “yes.” So I picked up her card and placed it on the pharmacist’s counter.

She was trying to explain to me why she was disabled. She had had a stroke and her right arm was useless. She acted so grateful to have my help and attention.

Before we parted, we hugged and both said “I love you.” She acted so happy to have someone’s understanding and support.

And I let her know that she was just fine the way that she was. No need for apologies.

As we left, I spoke her husband for a minute. Told him that I understood his frustration. How difficult it must be to be the caregiver for someone else’s every need. Without a break.

But there is room for all of us, isn’t there?

No, it wasn’t a sad encounter at all. We were surrounded by a beautiful bubble of love and acceptance.

We turned what could have been a disaster into a Golden Moment.