The Off-Beat Cinder Ella: who wants her shoe back…without the Prince

“Upbeat and uniquely illustrated.  Must have for little girls—and boys, too!”
                  Dr. Robin B. Dilley

“The story empowers young girls to find their prince by being themselves.  Illustrations are fabulous.  Commendable start to the series.”
                  Spacey Shoettle

“Cinder Ella’s fiercely independent nature inspired me to have a little more fire in my breath…  I feel empowered as a young woman myself.  The girl power that Anne conveys through this tale is priceless.”

“My granddaughter…has had me open this Cinder-Ella story and read it to her several times now.”
                  Jewel Hart, Chick Lit Café

“This little gem is cute and clever.  Love it!”
                  Eleanor Rickey

“A great modern day version of the story of Cinder Ella.”
                  Heather A. Campbell

“Author Anne Murray’s unique writing style…brings new life to a story that has been loved and read over the years.  With her clever use of language, fun narration and incredible idea for empowering girls to be themselves, she has written a special story that will entertain, intrigue and bring laughter and enjoyment to the reading experience for all girls ages 7-12.  I read it to my children and they loved it!  My girls are 6, 8 and 13 and they all were so enthralled by this Cinder Ella because she is active, fun and silly…and she doesn’t follow the crowd.”
                  Giada Rose, Artisan Book Reviews

Peter Pants: who lives each day down to its dregs

“Peter Pants, is a delightful romp that skips along brilliantly. The characters, while familiar, are new and refreshing. I loved it and promise you will too.” 

Nicholas Chiarkas

“Sprinkle on some fairy dust and fly through the stars with Peter Pants. Meet a fashionable pirate, some playful Wayward Boys and two little boys out way past their bedtime. And eating cupcakes and candy for dinner. The use of imagery will captivate you and your child. And the eccentric characters will give you a laugh. If you’re looking for an adventure, this is it.”

Andrew Stone

“Delightful illustrations and a fanciful tale make Peter Pants who lives each day down to its dregs a perfect book for children of all ages. …I knew instantly that, if I saw this book in the shops, I would buy it.  This is an entertaining story chockablock with quirky characters with unique traits.”

TN Traynor, Kids Lit Book Café

Hammy & Gert: lost in the forest

“I purchased this story as a birthday gift for my little outdoorsy explorer. We loved how resourceful and creative Hammy & Gert were as they traveled through the forest alone. “I’m sure I could lead the way if I were in the story too!” he exclaimed to me while we read the book together. The story was so engaging, it’s almost like he pictured himself as part of the team! I could see the suspense in his eyes when Hammy & Gert arrived at the mysterious house in the woods. Was this a safe haven or dangerous territory for the children? Read along to see if this brother and sister duo find their way home.”

Melissa Berg

Hammy & Gert is an especially captivating and engaging children’s story due to Anne Murray’s unique descriptive writing style and amusing narration, along with the truly beautiful and colorful illustrations. My children were overjoyed and pleased with this story when I read it to them. Since then, they have had me read it to them several times and they keep picking it up just to look at the incredible illustrations. Anne Murray has crafted a well-written and delightfully entertaining story that touches on kindness, manners and keeping a positive attitude amongst other things.  Hammy & Gert, along with all of Anne Murray’s utterly charming upside-down fairy tale book series, comes highly recommended by Kids Lit Book Café.”

TN Traynor, Kids Lit Book Café

Ananse The Clever Spider: Ananse meets the lion an african folk tale

“My children loved it. They wanted to know what was going to happen next. I myself wanted to know what was going to happen, we are looking forward for more stories”

A mother of two

“Ananse the Clever Spider thought he was making the right choice when he befriended the lion. He strayed away from his animal friends’ advice warning him about the lion’s tendencies. The lion seemed nice enough from the get go… what could go wrong? I highly recommend reading this exciting story with your little one to learn how this brave spider manages to spin his way out of this sticky predicament.”


Ananse and the Party: Was Ananse forgotten?

“The instant my daughter picked up the book she didn’t put it down till it was finished. A well written story that grabs the readers attention.”

A mother of two

“My favorite part of this book was the colorful illustrations. Combined with Anne Murray’s vivid style of writing, this book is set to be a hit on your child’s bookshelf.”

Sabrina Dias

Ananse and the Pharaoh of Egypt: Will Ananse earn the gold?

“Visiting Egypt with Ananse has been my child’s favorite so far. He loved listening to me describe the grand Palace of Egypt and the illustrations helped him imagine it all. He especially loves how Ananse always manages to find a solution. In this story, he must discover why the Pharaoh can’t seem to fall asleep, while someone who dislikes him makes things tricky for him along the way…

How will Ananse overcome these speed bumps and win the race? There’s nothing that this little spider can’t fix.”

Will Voight