Book List

The Off-Beat Cinder Ella: who wants her shoe back…without the Prince (upside-down fairy tales Book 1)

I’m not sure what your Cinderella looks like, but THIS Cinder Ella wears camo pants, flannel shirts and dragon’s tooth earrings. She climbs trees straight to the top, rides horses without a saddle and shoots arrows with abandon–and not much skill. Toiling all day to do her stepmother’s bidding, she doesn’t have much of a life except for the occasional shenanigans that she can devise.  

No one notices Cinder Ella. She shuffles around, trying to blend into the background. Would her life ever get better? Or would she always be smudged with cinders and eating the leftovers?

Wasn’t there any magic for her?

Peter Pants: who lives each day down to its dregs (upside-down fairy tales Book 2)

Peter couldn’t believe that Gwendolyn was tucking her little brothers into bed just as the fun was ready to start.

“What’s this about bedtime? In my house, there is no bedtime. We play as long as we like and eat ice cream at midnight. Wouldn’t you like to come with me and have some fun?”

Peter couldn’t imagine that anyone would turn down an offer like that.

Would you?

Gwendolyn, ever the sensible one, pointed out that morning would come very early if they didn’t get their proper sleep. And that their mother and father would worry if they discovered that they weren’t in their beds. And that, if they didn’t sleep as much as they needed, they wouldn’t grow bigger and stronger and…older.

“Older?” hollered Peter as though it were one of those words that you didn’t say in polite company. “Older? Why would anyone want to get older? I’ve stayed the same age for ever so long. I don’t WANT to get older. Ever.” He stamped his foot with his newly repaired felt boots for emphasis.

Hammy & Gert: lost in the forest (upside-down fairy tales Book 3)

Hammy and Gert, just like Hansel and Gretel, were lost in the forest. Abandoned by their mother. Well, actually both parents if you want to get down to the nitty gritty. Needed to find their way home. But they seemed to be trapped in the woods without a path to follow. How would they find their way?

Hammy and Gert had been taking care of each other for a long time. They had skills that most children did not. They could scavenge food to eat and find ways to stay warm and safe. Even have fun with each other when the world seemed dangerous and threatening.

But would they ever find a true home? One where they were treasured and welcomed?

Ananse The Clever Spider: Ananse meets the lion an african folk tale (Ananse the Spider series Book 1)

Ananse the Spider was minding his own business when a lion loomed in front of him. Oh-oh. This didn’t seem to be a good situation. But Jata the Lion appeared to be friendly and asked for his help. How could he say no?

So Ananse trotted off with his new cool friend, ignoring the warnings from his old trusted friends. He figured that they were just jealous because he was companions with a lion. What was there to worry about?

Until he escorted his new friend to his home…and Jata the Lion suddenly had new plans. Plans that Ananse needed to stop immediately to save his life. Will Ananse be clever enough to rescue himself…at the last moment?

Would YOU have the courage—and the trust—to walk with a lion?

Ananse and the Party: Was Ananse Forgotten?

Ananse was clever and confident and definitely popular.  He treasured his friends and loved to have a good time.  Party?  You bet!  Be right there.  With his antics and skill in including everyone in his circle, he was usually the center of attention.

Just as he liked it.

But something strange was happening.  According to the buzz in the forest, a big party was being planned…without Ananse.  He could not understand it.  Why would he be excluded?

It made no sense.

Was Ananse really losing his friends…or was there something else afoot?

Ananse and the Pharoah of Egypt: Will Ananse Earn the Gold?

Ananse was enjoying a nap.  Ahhh…when he was suddenly disturbed by a persistent visitor.  Who insisted that the Pharoah of Egypt needed his assistance. Quite loudly.

That grabbed Ananse’s attention.  Why would the Pharoah need his help?

Apparently the Pharoah was not sleeping.  Which made running his kingdom difficult.  A drowsy ruler does not make the best decisions.  So he was willing to offer a reward of 50 gold coins to whoever could solve his problem.  No questions asked.  Well, maybe a few… 

Recognizing that Ananse was very clever and resourceful, the Pharoah’s emissary thought that he was the right man—er, spider—for the job.