Why do authors ask for reviews?

And then you panic.  Who, me?  What can I say?  That doesn’t sound stupid?

Writing a review doesn’t have to be a big deal.  Some of the best reviews are only a word or two.  A few short sentences.  Did you like the book?  Why?

Doesn’t have to be a 3-paragraph re-telling of the story.  Using every 25-cent word that you know. 

Just tell people why you liked it.  Or not.  Or whether your kids liked it.

No one is going to grade your grammar.  Or spelling.  Or even notice it.

Just be real.

Why is a review important to an author?  Because it gives credibility.  Shows that someone else has actually read the book and enjoyed it.  And you might, too. 

So give your favorite author a few words of your own.

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