Zoo Trip

Yesterday we went to the zoo in Navarre, Florida.  It was fun to go to the zoo, but pretty cold.  Low temperatures for Florida with wind.  Many of the animals were sheltered because of the cold, but we had fun feeding the goats and giraffes.

Went into an enclosed area with budgies and I was suddenly surrounded by them.  One persistent guy was riding on top of my shoe and several landed on my arm and hand.  One even flew on top of my head.  Beautiful little birds so very close…without fear.  Amazing colors.  Tiny feet curled around my fingers and hand.  I had a cupful of lettuce to feed the giraffes and the budgies were happily pecking at it.

Of course, the big cats are always an attraction for me.  Last year there was the most magnificent adult tiger that I had ever seen.  But he was not there this year.  Instead, they displayed two tiger cubs.  One was a white tiger with unusual markings.  Playful.

Even had to take a picture with one big cat…

Fortunately, he was pretty docile.

I saw one guy with unblinking eyes in the water.  Reached to pet him, but then had a close-up view of his very BIG teeth.  An alligator grin.  Decided that it would be a better move to back off rather than pat him on his head.

Some animals deserve a little more distance than others…

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